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Full Version: Favourite Iron Maiden album
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Talking of a single favourite album, I can't really put my finger on it, as for me Somewhere In Time ties with Powerslave. The Number of the Beast, Killers and Piece of Mind follow in the same order.
Then it must be A Matter Of Life and Death and Fear Of the Dark. The latter counts hardly better than Brave New World and Dance Of Death - in my books, I mean.
Seventh Son Of a Seventh Son deserves a place of its own. And it must be the first place, but there's hardly room for three albums there.

I don't view anything from the Blaze Bayley era as eligible for the favourites contest. Sorry about that.

Edir: My bad, I completely forgot about No Prayer For the Dying. No wonder.
1980, The Iron Maiden LP.  I was 17 years old and this special album came out.  I was hooked.
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