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Full Version: IRON MAIDEN And ONKYO Join Forces For New "MAIDEN AUDIO" Headphones
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British heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN have joined forces with Onkyo, the Japanese manufacturer of home cinema and audience equipment, for a new venture called Maiden Audio.
Although the first product from Maiden Audio will reportedly be headphones, a representative for Onkyo has said that this "will be anything but a re-badging exercise."
As part of the Maiden Audio launch campaign, which is to be kicked off at CES — the annual technology trade show currently underway in Las Vegas — the project has its own online photo tweet wall, which you can see rolling in real time at
Visitors to the stand are invited to take pictures of a giant statue of MAIDEN's official mascot, Eddie, either alone or of themselves posing with the statue, and tweet it using the hashtag "#MaidenAudio". Instagrams and tweets posted will make up part of the scrolling wall.
Eddie is pictured above wearing a pair of IRON MAIDEN headphones at CES.
[Image: maidenaudioheadphones1_638.jpg]