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Movies - Dragontear - 8th September 2007

Which move you have seen lately... and what are you impressions from it

And tell us which is your all time favorite movie wink.gif

Movies - ThePrisoner - 8th September 2007

My top five favourite movies are: 5. Monty Python and the Holy Grail 4. L.A. Confidential 3. This is Spinal Tap 2. Blade Runner 1. Once Upon a Time in the West .... all very, very different films. I have a pretty wide taste when it comes to film... mostly though, I think older films are much better than most of the newer stuff coming out.

Movies - Charlotte - 25th November 2007

тук на ингилийски ли трябва да се пише Smile

Movies - the_trooper - 11th January 2008

Are you blind?

Movies - ironman - 8th June 2008

This one isn't quite new (2004) but is one of the last I've seen: "Der Untergang", it is about the last few days of the 3rd Reich in the bunkers and the fall of Berlin and the end of 2nd World War! It is fully german production, with german only actors (I thing...!), and a few minutes with a documentary interviews as an intro and outro which makes it even more realistic Rolleyes !!! Good movie 'bout 2WW Wink!

[Image: der_untergang.jpg]

Movies - Dragontear - 8th June 2008

wow his must be interesting... Ill see if I can find it

Movies - Powerslave - 12th October 2008

Heard some negative reviews about it,so I'll just stick to the classics!Like ,,Where Eagles Dare,,(The song's based on the movie) starring Clint Eastwood (I love that guy!).It's a nice movie and if you can check it out!

Movies - Powerslave - 12th October 2008

The Prisoner,speaks the truth!Believe in his words and watch classic movies or thy shall be damned!But it's your choice!For me new movies suck!Because what is popular?Horror!Depending on what?Loud sound and things popping-up from nowhere!That's lame!There is only one Al Pacino,one Terence Hill,one Bud Spencer and one Marlon Brando!NOBODY IS BETTER THAN OLD ACTORS!UNDERSTAND THAT AND KILL THE NEW MOVIE DIRECTORS AND ACTORS!KILL THEM!:edtroop:Sorry for that one I just hate people ripping-off good movies and turning them into shitty excuses for movies!Buy and have a nice day!:edhorns:

Movies - Powerslave - 14th October 2008

Sorry I didn't mean to say buy,what I meant to say was bye!

Movies - Severus - 27th August 2009

The last movie I saw was the new Star Trek. Blimey, what a waste of tape (speaking figuratively, of course). Couldn't swallow that even with a keg of beer :edmad: