New Album !?!
As we all know, the concept in "A Matter Of Life And Death" was based on WAR. What do you think will be the next one ? And in Wat shape will appear Eddie this time? smile.gif
Only The Good Die Young...
All the evil seems to live forever...
I never thought the concept behind the album was war... I think the concept was in the title of the record - all the songs are dealing with life and death in different ways.

"Different World" has a seize the day attitude to it, we're not here for that long, everyone sees things their own way and we have to accept that before we can ever get along.

Certainly tracks like "These Colours Don't Run", "The Longest Day", "The Legacy", and "Brighter Than a Thousand Suns" deal with war, fighting, and death in their own ways -- but at the same time, "The Pilgrim" could be seen as a renewal of life, escaping to a new world for religious freedom, and "Out of the Shadows" is literally about the beginning of your life and what a joyous celebration that is.

I have no idea what the next Maiden album will be about... I know they're not afraid to do thematic albums and with Seventh Son they've already done a whole concept album before, so it's possible they could go back to that. I'm sure some of the songs will tackle some relevant current events like they have done on many of their albums before.

As for what Eddie will be doing... who can say? I think, whatever he's doing, I'd like to see him get his long hair back that he used to have back in the day. He looks more prepared for headbanging that way!
I think that "A Matter Of Life And Death" is a great album.After all we have to remember that Maiden aren't that young any more.

Of course noone can say for surely what the next album will be like,but i would want to see an Album about Ancient Gods.A Album dedicated to "Flight of The Icarus".Its name could be Ancient Legacy or something like that.

I would be really happy to see an album like that Smile
I don't want your sympathy
all i sense is endless apathy
my fragile mask crumbles
and i continue reconcile
my eternal safety lost by doubt
too long have i refused to shout...

If i stare in the mirror will i see my face
if i look in the mirror even if i gaze ?
NO...i only saw bitterness and tears
could you help me ? help me fight my fears
you're just never felt...
you're just can't help

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