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May 16 th marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Iron Maiden's iconic 4th album, Piece Of Mind. The songs for which were composed and recorded only a few months after the release of "The Number Of The Beast".

“We felt like we were on a high, and you can hear that mood on the album. Most of all though, it was just the songs. Between us, I thought we’d really come up with the goods this time.”

- Steve Harris
Piece of Mind also marks the debut for Nicko McBrain with the band and what would become the iconic Iron Maiden line-up.
The Bulgarian Iron Maiden fan club will honor the 40th anniversary with a special concert by the tribute band RAISING HELL. The event will be on April 8 (Saturday) in the capital's Live & Loud club. The boys from RAISING HELL have prepared over a two-hour “best of” set, including the entire "Piece Of Mind" album . The start of the event is at 21:00, and the entrance will cost BGN 10.
For more information see the official Facebook Event: 40 YEARS OF BRAIN DAMAGE with RAISING HELL | Facebook
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