Maiden support!!
Hi guys, this topic was deleted but I have to post it again - here for this time!
Have you ever heart about government's Iron Maiden support? Is it truth? I can't

imagine it...

What? And what support is it?

====> ROYAL
No, he's not joking... He's right but I can't imagine where did he get this

information. Hey dude let it be or you'll have a big problem...

Are you joking?

The intention was to fight against the hippies, to detach them and attract them in

a different way

Look for example at the first track of the first ablum. At it's first line:
"Walking through the city, looking oh so pretty"

When you get the third (3) letter of the second (2) word,
the fifth (5) letter of the fourth (4) word,
the second (2) letter of the fifth (5) word,
and the fourth (4) letter of the eighth (8) word, you'll get R-I-O-T

AND NOW COUNT!! 3+2+5+4+2+5+4+8=33 => 3+3=6!!! The number of the beast!!!

I don't believe you!!

====> ROYAL
Again HANDS OFF!!! You ask for a big problem!!

Hey ADMIN, delete this topic! It's the better choice for you...
hmmm.. sounds intriguing.. this is a big issue I guess.
This is utter horseshit.
[COLOR="DarkRed"]There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
Hamlet, Act I, Scene V[/COLOR]
Someone had a lot of free time Smile
Only The Good Die Young...
All the evil seems to live forever...

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