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(16th October 2023, 15:24)Dragontear Wrote:
(15th October 2023, 02:15)Maiden 1981 Wrote:
(31st August 2014, 17:21)SF01 Wrote:
I have seen that the song is on the label written to be 3:04 minutes, but the album version is 3:17, so this might be the thing, nevertheless, the Axe Attack can be found cheaper than the actual single.

Hello fellow Maideniacs.  Noobie here with my first post.

I'm still confused about the "Running Free" Single. Huh 

 The LP version is 3:17 minutes long, but the single is only 3:04.  How can it be the same version as the LP?  Yet the Axe LP is also a 3:04 minute version?

Pleas help me understand which version is on the Maiden Running Free single.  The Axe or the LP version???  And if you say it's the LP version, is it just shortened?????

As far as I understood only the German version of the single has the shortened version which is actualy the Demo version wih Doug on Drums
I checked my singles at home and they have the normal version from the album.

Txs for clarifying.  I've searched the Web far and wide for this answer.
Up The Irons! 

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